WattsBoard now integrates with Zapier

An exciting new feature

Hey! We've been busying updating WattsBoard over the past few weeks and one of the enhancements that I'm most excited about is the integration with Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect the different apps and services that you use. For example, you might set up a "zap" that sends you a text message when someone posts a comment on your blog. Or maybe you want the weather emailed to you each morning.

Or, maybe you want a new spreadsheet row added to a Google Doc each time you go for a ride with summary stats. Zaps like this are now possible with the new integration that we've set up.

Setting up your first Zap with WattsBoard

Building a zap with WattsBoard is easy. For this first zap, let's send a text message whenever a new power record has been set, reminding you to check your dashboard and realize the power in your legs.

First, sign up for an account with Zapier. You'll then need to request Beta access in your WattsBoard account (you can find this request option in your account settings.) I'll have you added immediately and you can start setting up zaps.


To get started, create a new zap, selecting WattsBoard as your Trigger App. There are a few different trigger options that you have, but for this case we'll select "New Annual Power Record" as the trigger. This means that whenever you set a new 12 month power record, your zap will trigger and a subsequent action (which we'll set up next) will occur.


Now you'll be asked to authenticate your WattsBoard account so that Zapier has access to your power record data. An important note: by authorizing, only Zapier will have access to read this data.


You'll next begin to set up the action. Since we're going to text ourselves when we set a new power record, you'll want to select the SMS app. Zapier is kind enough to offer an SMS service that can send outbound text messages (or even calls if you want to send yourself a message that you set a new record...).

Adding your phone number is easy and you'll be asked to just verify the number to ensure that it's actually yours. Unfortunately, you can't send your power record notifications to your friends (unless they opt-in when you add their number).

You can select a phone number that Zapier will attempt to send text messages from. This is useful because you may want to add this number as a contact in your phone. When you receive a text, it'd be cool to have it say WattsBoard or Zapier or something useful so it's not coming from a random number.


You've now made it to the part where you specify what you want the text to say. For this example, I'll send the following:

You set a new power record! {{12520071__value}} watts for {{12520071__interval}} seconds.

The brackets are where the power number and interval will be piped in for your message. Your text would then say: "You set a new power record! 389 watts for 300 seconds."


At this point you'll be able to test your message with the most recent power record that you've set in our system. If you don't have any records, a default record will be used.

Pretty easy! Although my wife wouldn't appreciate it, I've considered having some Philips Hue lights change color throughout the house when I set a new power record, just to let her know. :)

Let me know what you think! As we attempt to take cycling power meter analysis to a new level, we hope that Zapier can help you achieve a level of simplicity and efficiency in your data analysis.

Since the Zap is still in Beta mode, there may be a few small bugs, but I believe we've worked everything out so far.

Ride on!

post image by Sai Kiran Anagani