Goals and Events

Goals and Events are Live

After a few quiet months, we just pushed out a new feature - Goals and Events! You now have the ability to add wattage based goals along with future races or events and have them included in your Performance Chart. As we work towards a season planning tool, this will be critical to ensure that you're at the highest performance levels possible when a big event comes around.

To get started, just head to the Goals and Events link in the navigation bar. We've included the option to automatically add five customized watt-based goals to your account, based on your actual power data over the past 60 days. We've given you the task of hitting these goals in the next 30 days. Of course, you can edit these goals after adding them as well.

Adding a goal or event is easy: you'll just need to specify the goal type (Event, Watts or Watts per Kilogram), along with a name, a deadline/date and any notes.


If you add a Wattage or W/Kg based goal, we'll check each ride after it's uploaded to see if you've hit that goal. If so, we'll indicate that by awarding you with a small trophy and adding it to your Power History.


Don't you want a mini trophy?


Also: Zapier Integration

We've also integrated Goals with Zapier. Now you can sound an alarm at your house or do something more basic like post to your Facebook account whenever a new Goal is achieved. Setting this up is easy.

Just head to your account settings and under the Connected Accounts you'll be able to join the Zapier/WattsBoard beta. Once you're logged in, click the Make a Zap button. You'll then want to search for and select WattsBoard as the Trigger app. This means that when something happens in WattsBoard (a new goal is achieved, a power record is set, etc) it will trigger an action through Zapier. So maybe you want to Tweet your achievement or text your phone letting you know that you achieved something special.


Next, connect your WattsBoard account and choose the trigger - for this example, we'll trigger Zapier when I achieve a new goal.

For the action, we'll be posting a message to a Slack channel, letting everyone know that a goal was just destroyed.


And as the final step, you'll set up the message template that will be sent. You'll have the opportunity to plug in fields from the Goal that was just achieved. Easy!


Feel free to reach out with any comments! We're always looking for ways to improve WattsBoard and make the product more impactful to your power meter based cycling.

Cover Photo Credit: Sayan Nath